Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The World of Virtual Politics - Nancy Pelosi Wants a Second Life Too!

When I try to explain Second Life to those who haven't experienced it, reactions include interest, incredulity, concern and maybe even a bit of ridicule. But that is nothing compared to what Rep. George Miller must have experienced when Nancy Pelosi asked him to explain it to the Democratic house leadership! Evidently she is enthusiastic enough to have an account, but hasn't tried it yet. Today's Mercury News' (San Jose, CA) article on Rep. George Miller's describes his SL evangalism in the Capital and how Pelosi and Miller envision using SL.
`This is about leaping over the Beltway mentality,'' Miller said. ``Nancy doesn't want our discussions with the public controlled by a bunch of pundits who live their whole lives in Washington. In Second Life, we can have global town hall meetings.''

Lawmaker takes next leap: the virtual world of politics

The article is here (free registration required)

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