Thursday, January 18, 2007

First Monday - U. of IL at Chicago Library's Internet Journal

This journal looks like an excellent resource for digital librarians.
"First Monday is one of the first openly accessible, peer–reviewed journals on the Internet, solely devoted to the Internet. Since its start in May 1996, First Monday has published 775 papers in 129 issues; these papers were written by 917 different authors. In addition, seven special issues have appeared. "
The Idea

I found it looking for Second Life articles, of which there are several. The contents of the current issue are:

Pervasive fun
by Benno Luthiger and Carola Jungwirth

Why study users? An environmental scan of use and users of digital resources in humanities and social sciences undergraduate education
by Diane Harley

Genealogy and the economic drain on Ireland: Unintended consequences
by Emily Heinlen

Understanding hypertext cognition: Developing mental models to aid users’ comprehension
by Andy White

Index to volume 11 (2006) of First Monday

This looks like one I'll be reading every month.

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