Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New York Times article about education in Second Life

The Ultimate Distance Learning
Christiane Lagorio
January 7, 2007

This article lists a few of the educators and institutions who are currently teaching their students in SL, like Pepperdine, and N.Y.U. It also includes some nice slides.
The article perpetuates the incorrect statement that SL has 2,000,000 users. It doesn't, over 2,000,000 have created accounts since SL began in 2004. Nearly 900,000 users have logged on in the last 60 days (and many of these represent users who have more then one avatar), and has had a peak use of over 20,000 concurrent users.
(A list of universities and colleges who have a presence here is at this link: Sim Teach Wiki - Institutions and Organizations in SL

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